Marine's Dream

                                                                                                            Photo by Lani Muche Copyright 2000

Award Winning FG-1D Corsair Restored by Ray Dieckman  

Reserve Grand Champion, Golden Wrench Award, Oshkosh 2000

Rolls Royce Award, People's Choice Award, Reno 2000

Reprinted with permission: ©Air Classics  Photo by Michael O'Leary

                                                                                              Copyright Frank Mormillo
Corsair over Newport Beach  


                                                                                              Copyright Frank Mormillo
FG-1D Off the Beach


                                                                                     Copyright 2001 Lani Muche

                                                                                     Copyright 2001 Lani Muche

                                                                                      Copyright 2001 Lani Muche

                                                                                          Copyright 2001 Lani Muche

This project began in 1995.  The pile of parts was trucked to Chino, California from Michigan in the middle of the winter.  It required a complete ground up restoration, with many parts missing and many others needing major restoration. Fabrication of parts from blueprints and non-serviceable parts as patterns  produced first rate usable (and award winning) results. Recognizing the potential of the aircraft, many businesses donated services and materials.  The original engine was changed for a Pratt & Whitney R-2800-79 to eliminate the three stage supercharger and leave more room for accessories.  The aircraft is finished with the markings of third ranking Marine Corps Corsair Ace, Captain Ken Walsh.  Unfortunately Capt. Walsh passed away before Marine's Dream was finished.

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Span 41 ft.
Length 33 ft 4 in
Height 16 ft 1 in
Wing Area 314 sq ft
Empty Weight 8695 lb
Gross Weight 12030 lb
Max Weight 13120 lb
Fuel 537 gal
Speed 425 mph @ 20,000 ft
328 mph @ Sea Level
Rate of Climb 3120 fpm
Range 500 miles with ordnance load
Powerplant Pratt & Whitney
2250 hp




The Perils of the Corsair

1st Lt. Jack Callahan, USMC on a shortcut to the hangar deck
USS Bennington, somewhere in the South Pacific during WW II

                                                                                                Photo © Lani Muche  
F4U Corsair
Planes of Fame, Chino, California

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