This classic aircraft started life in 1948 as the first Convair 240-1 acquired by
Western Airlines
and flown as the 49er.


In 1961, it was sold to Air Korea, later to a Japanese
domestic airline and later to Southwest.

In 1971 it was acquired by Texas Instruments  for use as a test bed
 for electronic devices such as RADAR. The tail number was changed
 to "N240HH" at that time.

The mighty R-2800 in the dawn's early light.

It was donated to Planes of Fame at Chino, CA in 1982 and
remained there until Thursday, May 1st 2008 {MAYDAY!}
when a team from Camarillo led by pilot Jeff Whitesell came to take
her to the Planes of Fame museum at Valle, Arizona.


Frank interviews crewman Andrew Lombardi

Above Photos  by Dick Fields 2008


Frank Mormillo 2008

Frank Mormillo 2008

Frank Mormillo 2008

Frank Mormillo 2008


Despite some difficulties resulting from prolonged
inactivity, the flight team of Jeff Whitesell,
Steve Swift, Andrew Lombardi and John Frederick got
her to Valle safely.