Cable Airshow 2008


Photo courtesy of Eric Van Gilder

Col Terry Freedman Solos the Ryan PT-22
It should be noted that Terry and the Ryan took "Best of Show"
at Airsho 07 at Midland this year!




Col Schuster: What am I supposed to do with these dang things?

Big Panda outbound for a photoshoot


Terry Freedman and Carter Teeters Give a Trainer Demo
Photo courtesy of Eric Van Gilder


The RV Gang demonstrate their formation skills


Tony Settember Over Snow in the GOBOSH
Photo courtesy of Frank Mormillo


CAF FM-2 Wildcat (Martlet) with Doctor D performing in the background
Photo courtesy of Frank Mormillo

Doug Schuster prepares to take Browning Spaulding for his first T-6 ride!

Doug and Brownie: Low pass over the snow.

A great time was had by all - including us bystanders.

The Victory Girls (and crew) were well represented at the show.



There was a good collection of cute, happy kids there.

Clay Lacy over the snow in the F7F Tigercat



Great day for biplanes!


                    L-Birds show their stuff                             Nothing quite like a professional aerobatic routine



Cable's own Tumbling Bear Rob Harrison                                          Cable's own Bob Cable         


Trainers, trainers, trainers: Sky to match!



How come Col. Bud and the lion get the cute girls and Col. Carter has to thumb for a ride??


Pictures Dick Fields 2008 except as noted  

3rd Pursuit thanks all the people who made this great show possible!